30 Stunning Photos That will Make You Want a Courthouse Wedding

Courthouse wedding might not be that fairytale wedding you imaged as a little girl, but it can make for an intimate and personal one, especially when you’ve got limited budget.
Couples get married at the courthouse (or city hall) for lots of reasons—limited funds, imminent military obligations, lack of interest in wedding hoopla, and so forth. But while it may not be as festive as a ballroom wedding that’s taken a year to plan, there’s no reason to treat a civil ceremony in a municipal building as less than exciting and momentous. After all, the goal is still the same: to get married! Here’s how to set the event apart and make sure that it feels like the special day it is.
Keep it simple. Maybe a picnic is all you need. Maybe some burger and fries will do. You just got married! Do what you want!

Images Via: Pinterest

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