45 Romantic Wedding Readings for your Wedding Ceremony

Wedding readings are meant to share the couple’s idea of love and marriage with their closest friends and family. Readings can include all different texts with all different meanings. Your wedding readings can be sweet or funny, long or short, it really depends on what you as a couple would like.

the wedding reading should have a special meaning to the couple and describe the feelings they have towards one another. Many times, the wedding readings are private and hold a meaning only understood by the couple. This does not mean that the reading has to be sad or profoundly romantic; in fact, many times, the readings are funny and entertaining. Choosing a passage by someone who writes in such a way is a good way to keep the attention of the audience, as many readings are done before the couple says their vows.

As mentioned before, the readings you choose for your wedding should be special to you as a couple. When you first start looking, think of readings you know. Is there some particular reading or poem that you like? Are there authors or essayists that you and your future spouse like? If so, start by looking at material written by that person. If not, don’t worry about it. There are plenty of wedding websites that can help you find the right reading.

Readings are traditionally read by trusted close friends and family or even the bride and groom to each other. There are strict guidelines on what is acceptable and must be secular to follow the theme of a non-religious ceremony. Each registrar may have differing views on what has religious connotations and what doesn’t – Robbie Williams “Angels” was deemed to be religious at one point – so it is very important to check with the registrars office, rather than be disappointed on the day. Each ceremony has time for a couple of readings if they are of suitable length. You may be able to include more if they are short. Your local registrars will have a list of approved music and words, but if you are choosing something off their approved list you will need to provide the registrar with your chosen content for their approval before the wedding day.

A church wedding is an obvious choice for couples who have a strong Christian faith. The Christian faith encompasses the Church of England, Church in Wales, Church of Scotland, Roman Catholic Church, Orthodox Churches and Free Churches (Baptist, Methodist and United Reform Churches). You have the right to marry in the parish church of the town you reside in or are on the electoral role. Church of England will now marry in any church if they are a family member have a connection with the church.

If people really want to know whether their wedding reading served its objective, you can look at the guests’ expression at the wedding. Their expression will tell you, because you will see feeling of comfort and belonging for them all, if they really feel the connection shared by the wedding couple.

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