50 Indian Wedding Ideas for Brides and Grooms

You might have seen Indians getting married and they were probably wearing Indian wedding sari. India is a large country and has different cultures and traditions when it comes to getting married. The wedding dresses will have to depend on the culture of the place. The wedding dress will vary on the region that you are in.

Many people in England have heard of, or read about Indian weddings. They know how colourful they are, how full of food, and they know a little about the ceremony. But most people have been unable to attend an Indian wedding, since they may not have a friend with connections to the Indian community. Unfortunately there is no way to buy a ticket to attend an Indian wedding. It would be nice to be able to buy tickets in advance, and to be able to attend an Indian wedding to see how it all takes place. I’m sure people would be happy to pay a good price to be able to attend and enjoy the food.

Many such weddings are held in USA because of the large community of Asians residing there. Many Indian wedding photographers in New York throw in a free travel with the package they are offering to the happy couple. Couple can take a look at the websites of Indian photographers to gauge their quality of pictures and prices. Many couples will be offered a wedding photography package including pictures in electronic medium aside from the wedding album. Furthermore, you can obtain a free quote from Indian wedding photographers.

Any talk of the Indian wedding is incomplete without mention of two all-important factors – the dress and the food. Rich, heavy and traditional is the dress code. Women wear their finest jewels and men are at their traditional best. The bride is generally decked in red or other deep colors. Virginal white is often only seen at Christian weddings. Food is lavishly served as the Indian culture places great significance on indulging guests. Traditional wedding spread could easily include more than two dozen food items, including sweets, snacks and the main course.

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