52 Wedding Stamp Ideas For Your Wedding

For an extra special touch to your wedding invitation, you may want to consider buying custom wedding stamps. Wedding invitation stamps can really add your own personal style to your wedding invitations. After all, when you’ve spent so much time and effort making your wedding day as perfect as can be, you understand that even the smallest details matter.

There are tons of options for choosing your wedding stamps. You can personalize them to your specific needs to match your wedding theme. You can customize all of the features, including fonts, colors, pictures and various themes. So many people spend time making sure that the wedding invitations match the wedding theme, then they fail to consider the final detail – wedding stamps.

What are the most common types of customized wedding stamps?

1. Save the date – these have the phrase ‘save the date’ printed on them so your guests will already have an idea when your special day is even before opening the invitation letter.
2. Monogram – the couple’s initials are embellished on the seal’s design.
3. RSVP – make sure your guests reply to your invitation by using this unique RSVP postal seal.
4. Nuptials photo – the seal is adorned by the couple’s engagement picture.
5. Thank you stamps – you can show your appreciation to your guests who attended your special day by sending them a thank you card with this unique franking on the envelope.

Where do you purchase wedding postage stamps?

The post office issue seals with nuptials themes. In the United States, the USPS issue these and in some European countries, you can purchase these special seals from An Post. There are pre-designed sheets or booklets available and seals are sold in different denominations for various invitation letter weights.

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