38 Cheap Wedding Ideas On A Small Budget

Maybe cheap isn’t the right word to use here. I mean, nobody wants to look back on their wedding and use the word “cheap” to describe their perfect day. Luckily for us, earth-friendly, green, vintage, and rustic wedding themes are all the new rage – and they can be done beautifully on any budget! Here are some of my favorite cheap wedding reception decoration ideas: Mason jars make for charming vases, candle holders, wedding favors, and hanging lanterns. They can be purchased most commonly in clear, teal, blue, and green, but they can be decorated to your liking with things like lace, ribbon, or burlap. Turning your mason jars into candle holders is easy, filling it with things like sand, salt, acorns, rocks, or anything else that matches your wedding theme.

Cheap wedding favors that will still impress your guests can be a tremendous challenge. However, gifts for your guests do not have to cost a fortune in order to be elegant and beautiful. There is a wide variety of beautiful pre-made inexpensive wedding favors to choose from. To save more money, you can even make them yourself. Budget minded brides know that weddings are expensive, so they search for creative ways to save. DIY favors are the perfect choice for using creativity to save money.

Homemade coasters are excellent for wedding favors on a budget, and your guests are sure to use them for years to come. Beautiful handmade coasters can be created with ceramic tiles found at the local hardware store, a flat paintbrush, a picture of the bride and groom or one that fits with the wedding them, ribbon, and decoupage medium. To make the coaster, apply a thin layer of decoupage medium to the tile, place the picture you have chosen on the tile, and gently smooth to remove any bubbles. If you need a large quantity of coasters, it is easier to apply the pictures to each tile before continuing to the next step. Once the decoupage medium has dried, apply another two coats of the decoupage medium to each tile, allowing the glue to dry between coats. Finish the look of elegance by tying a coordinating ribbon around each coaster.

While you may shy away from fresh flowers at first due to the typical expense, there are many ways to use flowers without spending a huge sum of money. Use less expensive flowers that still give a burst of color to the room, such as daisies and lots of greenery. If you are having a vintage or rustic wedding, you can find old jars and fun cans from supply stores to use as containers. Or, you can make your flower arrangements very stylish by have just a few striking flowers in a tall vase surrounded by tea candles.Take the cue for your wedding table decorations from your reception room, wedding colors, and wedding theme. Then take a close look at your budget and establish a fixed limit for all your decorations.

No matter your budget, with a little bit of creativity and research, you can have an impressive and enjoyable wedding day without being lavish or over the top. Planning a wedding doesn’t always have to be expensive-if you’re creative and willing to do a little bit of research, you can have a gorgeous and cheap reception!

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