34 Ideas to Keep Your Wedding As Simple As Possible

Every woman dreams to have her own dream wedding, but before this becomes a reality, you need to have a good plan about every wedding detail. Planning a simple wedding would be easier if you know the most important things to consider before marching down the aisle.

The bouquets and floral settings can also be personally created. For a simple outdoor wedding, choose wild flowers. They can be found free and have a charm all their own. Bouquets can be arranged in large glass or plastic vases, with a simple bow tied nicely around.Simple posies on the backs of chairs have a stunning effect put can add to the budget drastically, if you have a tight budget you could decorating the pew ends with floral bows or garlands made of baby’s breath this will give a romantic feel yet still keeping things simple, further more rose petals scattered down the aisle… now that is breath taking but can be pricey.

Favors for the guests are very simple wedding gifts. Refrigerator magnets are a simple and well-liked favor. How about a magnetic picture frame and include a picture of the Bride and Groom. You could cut a frame out of simple craft foam and use the wedding colors, place over the photo, and glue all onto a cardboard backing. Simply place self-sticking magnet tape on the back of the cardboard. Design the front of the frame with foil heart cut outs and a creative lettering of the Bride and Groom last name.

The wedding color palette is crucial because it must be incorporated into all aspects of the wedding such as the bridesmaid dresses, the floral arrangements, the ceremony and reception decorations, and often times the wedding cake, too! Once a color or group of colors has been chosen, you should begin thinking of ideas for your wedding reception.

wedding centerpiece idea Your wedding is supposed to be a beautiful event, not one that makes you want to rip your hair out, so you should try your best to avoid stressing out! That’s why these simple yet elegant centerpiece ideas for a wedding will come in handy.

These are just some of the things that you may want to pay attention to when planning a wedding. I hope your wedding is really wonderful! If you want to make it fun, memorable, and low stress.

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