40 Unique Ideas for a Cozy Winter Wedding

How do you imagine your winter wedding?Is it just like every other wedding, or is it playful and spirited, with whimsical decorations, a special menu? With the crisp, clean air rustling through the ancient pines, your mind races around all the things to come in your future life with the one you love. That’s right. You are having a Winter Wedding!

Many of the guests are able to come since it’s not the busy season for many businesses. The only businesses that will be booming are the rental cars and hotels because it will be much easier to get a car and room this time of year.

As previously stated, a tuxedo can be quite warm for not only the groom, but also the groomsmen. So the fact that he (the groom) doesn’t have too much sweat forming on his brow and the groomsman aren’t falling out from heat exhaustion makes for a better special day.

Just the fact that there aren’t any flies, mosquitoes, or gnats chewing on the wedding party and guests is quite satisfying. Not to mention that one obnoxious female who always wears her skirt too short will also have to wear a long dress or maybe even a coat.

Inside a sanctuary or roomy cabin would probably be the best option during bitter cold or snowy weather. But to have a snowy backdrop in those special photos just seems spectacular.

There are certainly some charming winter wedding invitations made in the more traditional paper format. A cute idea for a cozy reception in a rustic ski lodge is stationery made with a classic red and white Nordic ski sweater pattern. You could even customize it with a monogram across the top that is designed to look like it was knit. Yes, there really is a knitting font available for both Macs and pcs! It would look wonderful to present the invitation in a brown paper envelope tied up with a red piece of yarn. Everyone would definitely get the style of your wedding from these special invitations.

Making homemade wedding favors also allows for more personality to show through. You can modify some favors for special guests such as parents of the bride and groom as well as the wedding party participants.

In her book The Perfect Wedding Details, Maria Mcbride not only gives you great ideas on creating wedding favors, but she also gives ways that you can tie your whole wedding theme together with ideas for centerpieces, reception items, and decoration ideas. This is a great book for the bride and groom who are on a budget and doing a lot of the foot work themselves.

Vintage wooden bird cages can add a really charming touch to your centerpieces. Surround them with things such as moss balls, flowers, and candles.

Lanterns are one of my favorite centerpieces. A large oil rubbed bronze or black lantern surrounded by moss and river rocks looks stunning! It’s also easy to accomplish on a budget.

Don’t be afraid to let each table have it’s own unique style. With a rustic style, you don’t want a uniform look anyway! If fact, you can choose to have each table be completely different and then give each one it’s own unique name. For instance, you can have a “walk in the woods” table using lots of wood elements and candles, and perhaps a “romantically rustic” table using lots of antiques and ruby reds.

The greatest thing about choosing a rustic wedding theme is that you can really let your creative side shine and have fun with it!

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