39 Ideas for Summer Weddings You’ll Want to Steal

Summer is the season for weddings, the weather is great and flowers are cheaper than they would be in winter and most of the family can come without the fear of being stranded at the airport because of snow storms. The sunshine had come out to ensure the wedding of footballer Benji and his wife-to-be Sabine had the perfect backdrop. For the month before the excitement had been growing amongst the players and supporters of St Cernin de l’Herm, a village in the south west of France, as the day came ever closer.

Here are some summer colors, and ideas for an elegant summer wedding with suggestions for center pieces and the wedding reception.

Summer means that you can combine a lot of bright colors, it’s best to pick from nature’s palette and go with flower colors which make it easier to pick out the bouquet and the center pieces. You can never go wrong with green in summer; it’s your basic color for most weddings. Even if it were a winter wedding, moss green would be used to give the flowers a complete look so leaving out a fresh bright grass green in a summer wedding is a huge mistake. Combine vibrant colors like bright sky blue or pink. You can go for a white base color and add all your favorite colors in bright tones or you can go with some select tones.

Weather- Everyone loves breezy summer days and it is the perfect weather to enjoy to the fullest. You don’t have to worry about snow or surviving in extreme cold conditions. The weather during summers is more consistent and you can incorporate a lot of things in your planning.

Outdoor Options- Summer is the best time to plan an outdoor wedding. Guests don’t like to be restricted to an indoor place while enjoying the wedding ceremony. Also you don’t have to plan for alternate option in case it rains or snows. You can easily plan for a beach or a garden wedding during this time. Everyone including the bride and the groom can enjoy the outside beauty to the fullest along with the ceremonies.

Good Availability of flowers- The availability of flowers is at its best during this time of the year. You can get a wide variety of flowers to help you decorate the wedding venue and your wedding bouquet. Also during summers bright coloured flowers don’t look out of place.

Higher guest turnout- You can expect greater availability of friends and family during this season. It is usually vacation time and also the time when people don’t have much trouble travelling from one place to another.

While an outdoor wedding is a fun idea, your wedding reception should always be indoors for one simple reason, Picnic Ants! Eating out may not be everyone’s idea of fun so it’s best to arrange the reception indoors. You can’t do without a wedding cake but since its summer, try and keep the rest of the menu light. A little food feels a lot heavier in summer than it would in winter where you can wash it down with a cup of coffee. Add fresh fruit and fresh fruit arrangements to the menu, there’s nothing more luxurious than having a huge variety of exotic summer fruits at your reception to give your wedding arrangements the perfect finish. It’s definitely something that would add the wow factor. Of course fruit doesn’t keep cheap so a unique way to add fresh fruit to your wedding is by using fresh fruit bouquets, like the Mango Kiwi Blossom Dipped Strawberries which has a large variety of fruits.

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