40 Wedding Place Cards You Won’t Want to Put Down

A lot of preparation must go into planning a wedding, a party or an event. Most events, especially weddings, require a well thought-out seating arrangement for guests. This is where the value and importance of tasteful, well-laid and, ideally, unique wedding place cards and place card holders can be appreciated. Properly stationed, they save guests from scurrying about looking for their seats. Guests need only to look for their names, take their seats and enjoy the reception.

Whatever the theme or occasion there’s a perfect holder to match. A mini clothes pin holder will be a huge hit in baby showers parties and so will holiday mittens and white snowflakes during holiday parties. Wedding place cards may be pinned on or atop of place card holders and take come in forms like wedding cakes, wedding bells or, better yet, sailboats and sea shells for beach-themed weddings.

Place card frames can come in a large variety of colors, shapes, sizes, themes, and styles so that you can pick the one that perfectly suits your dream of the faultless wedding fairytale. You can try putting in photos of the guests, personal messages, or just simply writing down their names so that they can quickly and easily find their seats and sit down to enjoy a grand meal and comfortable conversation with friends, family members, and all their loved ones. Place card frames are also great wedding favor keepsakes for both you and all of your precious guests. Give them something that they will treasure forever while adding to your d├ęcor and the enhancing the quality of your perfect night. Below are a few examples of the different kinds of place card holders you can find by doing a little bit of quick and easy online shopping and getting all your needs shipped out directly to your doorstep with perfect timing and no stress.

The great thing about place cards is they can be easily seen. A huge variety of styles, designs, colors, materials and themes are widely available. All choices are yours! Whether you prefer it handmade that can show unique wedding favors, or maybe you want to experience some fun and enjoyable shopping at the mall. And another thing, this can make a simple wedding shower favor also. So, whatever your wedding theme is, you’ll still find a perfect place for place card favors.

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