41 Wedding Card Box Ideas That Really Inspire

They try to bring in new activities, design a different pattern of cake and also wear something that is different. Well, talk is cheap but in the real world, planning a wedding ceremony that record huge success, requires some element of creativity, and the wedding card boxes can be your first step in achieving that, when sending out invitation.

These boxes are becoming more and more popular, due to the race of out of the box planning. They are available in all customized shape and sizes, and can also be decorated with several aiding ornaments to make them more presentable. The wedding card boxes can also be printed with numerous stylizing themes and artistic options.

We totally love embroidered wedding invitation boxes. Each box would then be embroidered with your initials or custom design. And for everyone that loves crystals the new trend are embellished designs featuring rhinestone crystal buckle, crystal brooches or fine satin silk bows. Make sure the buckle is not too big, it might look nice but you have to consider that each single box needs to be posted to the guest and you don’t want to end up paying a fortune on delivery cost of bulky invites.

If you don’t like the offered embellishments try to order the box just plain and make some DIY embellishment. Is the wedding on the beach why not embellish each design individually with sea shells or sea horses? If the designer working on your invitations does not have the embellishment you desire, try eBay, you can often buy them there in small qualities but at very low price. But don’t forget, real Czech rhinestone brooches have their price so be prepared to spend more for long lasting quality.

And if you are one of those like green weddings how about a 100% hemp wedding invitation box with saa paper invitation card? Everything is possible, be creative and don’t feel shy speaking with a designer about your extraordinary ideas, mostly they can be done.

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