46 Wedding Garter Ideas For Fashion-Forward Brides

A sensible way to treasure the best moments in your life is to add wedding garters in your event. Hence, it is essential that you plan every detail so that you won’t miss something. Wedding garters are one of the most common accessories for the wedding ceremony that should always be included in the list. These flexible bands hold the stocking in place and are essential during a wedding reception and brides are craving for the different designs of these types of garters have.

If you want to feel beautiful, sexy, and desired during your big day, do not overlook importance of wedding garters. By knowing that there is something beautiful under your wedding dress, the hint of secrecy will make you feel special, boost your confidence, and therefore, wedding that you will treasure for ages. To find good wedding garters, you should narrow your search to good themes and colors. You should also have a set and not one. This ensures that your partner gets a keepsake and an extra accessory to toss to the waiting group of singles. No matter the designs that you choose, make sure that your garters complements the look of your wedding gown and your wedding theme. Even though colors such as ivory and cream the most popular in weddings, add embroidered initials and other embellishment to have a unique and appealing look.

Wedding Garter in a Ball

Instead of throwing it, throw a small ball to the men. Make sure that these balls can be open into half. After they got hold of the balls, tell them to open each ball. The ball with the garter, of course, will have the chance to wear this to the woman who has also gotten the wedding bouquet.

Wedding Garter in the Bouquet

The groom will assist the bride in throwing the bouquet. What is surprising here is that the bouquet already has it The woman who will be able to get the bouquet will also be the one to choose who among the men will wear the garter to her leg. In this way, intrigue and jealousy among partners will be prevented.

The motif chosen by the bride for her wedding day is also one foundation on the selection of the wedding garter. For instance, if you want royal blue on your wedding and your gown’s color is cream, then you can incorporate both colors into your wedding garter. It would also be perfect for your traditional ‘something blue’. It can also be personalized into something meaningful to the both of you as partners. It can be something that will represent your hobbies or profession. For example, if you are having a garden wedding, go for something that reflects nature. It wouldn’t be that hard to find.

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