48 Wedding Thank You Cards and Etiquette You Will Like

Sending wedding thank you cards is a sensitive matter that needs planning with well thought out procedures to avoid mistakes that may reflect badly on you. Proper manners must be followed to make the guests or participants feel appreciated for their giving and for their efforts. The first rule in wedding thank you card etiquette is to strive to send them as soon as the wedding is over, or gifts have arrived, or any other action that needs appreciation.

For your wedding gifts and your participation in responding, the last date to send thank you cards is at the end of your honeymoon – for wedding showers and parties, would be a week after, and for advanced gifts, it should be immediately or a few days later. Sending the cards late, shows either non appreciation or lack of reciprocating the efforts of your friends and family. The recipients should receive the cards when the memories are still fresh so that your gratitude has more meaning.

The basic aim of the wedding thank you card is to praise the guests, and not break the wedding thank you cards etiquette by beginning your message with words that mention you first, i.e., ‘we, I or me’. Always start the messages with ‘you’, referring to the guest. Also, it is disheartening to characterize or generalized some people as a group. Even if a certain group came from the same company or family try to write each of them individual cards.

It is also very important for you to be personal in your thank you notes and cards. Just stating “thank you for your support” is not enough when you are writing the wedding cards. You should get down to the final details to show exactly why you are thanking them. For instance, if they brought you a diamond wall clock, you would say, “Thank you for your diamond clock gift. It has really made our house glamorous.” This is very important because you will make the appreciation look more genuine and specifically for them. Do not generalize things in your wedding thank you cards.

Be very careful with the point of view when writing wedding thank you cards. Avoid as much as possible making the thank you cards about you and your experiences. Make the card as much as possible about the recipient of the card. Ensure you concentrate the details of the cards on the persons who sent you the cards. Elaborate much about their generosity than what you think about their gifts. This makes the cards more interesting to read and it makes a lasting impression to those whom you are sending to.

Many might wonder who should exactly write the thank you notes. These cards can be written by both the bride and the groom. A better idea would be to share the task since the gifts were offered for both of you. You can even take the assistance of your relatives or friends if your guest list is too long. Once the task of writing the thank you cards with photo is over, you can treat yourselves to a nice dinner at your favorite restaurant.

Different gifts demand different messages to be written onto the cards. In case of monetary gifts ensure that you acknowledge the amount received and how well you plan to use it in buying new furniture, cupboards or anything specific. You might also not want to forget the guests who sent the gifts but could not make it to your wedding.

In short we can conclude that photo wedding thank you cards are a great way to strengthen the bonds with your near and dear ones. These cards must be sent at least 3 – 4 weeks after your wedding since this is considered an appropriate etiquette.

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