28 Wedding Food and Dessert Table Display Ideas To Try

One of the highest things on a wedding guest’s list for a great wedding has to be the food and drink (second of course to watching the lovely couple get married!). It goes without saying that you want to enjoy the food and drink at your own wedding too – and it can be a very special and memorable aspect of your day.

Many brides spend so much time, effort, and money on wedding cakes. So it seems a little strange that some brides prefer not to have a wedding cake at all! The wedding cake is typically a decorative beautiful centerpiece that receives much attention and commendation from guests. Yet, however odd it may seem, it is a fact that some women just don’t want a wedding cake. These brides are bored by the norm. They look for something nontraditional, exciting, and new. They may want a dessert with more personality, or maybe they simply attended too many weddings where all the guests were so full that the cake went untouched.

Firstly, have an idea of how much you have to spend – catering options can appear extremely expensive, but there are always options to cut down on the costs, like avoiding ‘wedding’ packages (which often have an immediate mark up) and going for local or mainstream companies and deals. Find out what’s included in the price: for example, waiting staff, crockery and glassware, seating arrangements and VAT. Many drinks companies offer free glass hire along with your order, or a ‘sale or return’ option which means you can return any unopened bottles of wine after the wedding and get a refund. Another way of cutting down costs is to serve the wedding cake as dessert – choosing a different flavour for each tier gives a nice choice for your guests, too. Another idea is to have individual cakes made for each table or even each place setting. Having one cake for each table to share is in keeping with the trend towards family style wedding service. That way, each guest can have the size piece that they want. If you go this route, be sure to provide each table with the necessary tools to cut and serve their cake!

The mini cakes at each place setting are another very cute idea. Sometimes brides will still have a large main cake and use the mini cakes as favors, but there is no reason that you could not serve them instead of the big cake. Have a couple of designs at each table to make it really festive. The only thing to remember about the mini cakes is that they can add up to cost more than one larger cake.

Your wedding is your day to do things your way. And while the big tiered wedding cake is perfect for many brides and grooms, there is nothing to say that you can’t choose another option. Have fun, and pick the desserts that best suit the style of your wedding and, of course, delight your sweet tooth.

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